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SinaPharma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded drugs. SinaPharma is among the top pharmaceutical companies and among the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in Afghanistan. SinaPharma Company is utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality medicines. With more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical trading, the Sinapharma owners enjoys a firmly established national presence, operating through a carefully tailored network of countrywide subsidiaries. Headquartered in Herat, 30% of SinaPharma’s sales would be mainly in West zone of Afghanistan. SinaPharma has approximately 50 employees countrywide and its production facilities are based in Herat having viable distribution channels across Afghanistan. SinaPharma’s scope of activity extends to many facets of the industry, with a primary focus on the manufacturing and marketing of products in the following categories: Human pharmaceuticals • SinaPharma produces generic and brand named drugs in major therapeutics and sterile in a variety of dosage form of Syrups. • SinaPharma manufactures innovative drugs in niche markets where it has a relative advantage in research and development. Generic pharmaceuticals SinaPharma believes that its product diversity will continue to be of strategic significance, paralleling the needs of an emerging and dynamically evolving generic industry deeply affected by trends of consolidation among managed care providers, large pharmacy chains, wholesaling organizations and other buyers groups. The company's impressive line offers the Afghan consumer an extensive portfolio of competitively priced products in diverse dosage forms. In addition to the production and sale of finished pharmaceutical products, SinaPharma is utilizing viable distribution channels across Afghanistan..

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Our mission

The mission of SinaPharma is to manufacture, distribute, and market generic and brand name drugs to patients and practitioners in the healthcare field in Afghanistan.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in Afghanistan by providing high quality, affordable and innovative medicines.

Our values

The keys to success for the company are as follows: 1. Initial private capitalization obtained. 2. Successful purchase of the raw material. 3. Obtained the license of 25 types of drugs from the MOPH and we planned to

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