Sina Pharma
The company is using high professional technology in production and quality control laboratories.
Professional Team
A group Professional pharmacists, engineers and chemical expert are building our professional careers.
Different Products
Sina Pharma is producing different types of product to fulfil our customer demands and our people needs.
Fast Growing Company
Sina Pharma is one of the fastest growing company among pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan.
Other Brands
FZ Brand Producing
Top Quality Brand
FZ (Farid Ziah) is a pharmaceutical manufacturer brand which is producing by Sina Pharma industrial company for FZ trade company in Herat-Afghanistan.
Full-Automatic Machinares
We supplied our production lines with Full-Automatic Machineries from top brands manufacturers in our factory.
Standard Quality Control
We are trend sitter of GMP and GLP standards in our Quality Control department and the laboratories are supplied with standard.
Different Package
Our innovators expert designer are designing different packages based on the market demand.
Sina Pharma
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Our High Quality Products
Our Analisys is Your
Our Leadership Team
Founded by professional experienced team
Eng. Ahmad Farid "Raufi" the Vice President of the company he is one of the funders who has a bachelor degree with more than 15 years professional experience in this field.

Eng. Ahmad Farid "Raufi"

           Vice President
Mr. Haji Ustad Abdul Jalil "Raufi" the president, is the owner and funder of the company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical trad.

Haji Ustad Abdul Jalil "Raufi"

Mr. Ahmad Zia "Raufi" the CEO of the company is one of the funder who has a bachelor degree in business management with more than 12 years experiences in this field.

         Ahmad Zia "Raufi"          

     Chief Executive Officer